Sometimes I draw things. Most times I don't.

Fun question:

Who do I know in real life who a) knows how to drive and b) wants to get paid by me to drive my things from my old house to my new house?


Saints be fucking praised.

Now excuse me while I go lie on the floor in relief and sweat out all this month’s tension.

Today at work I was doing some very loud panicky breathing in what I thought was the empty staff room, but then my manager poked her head out of the office and saw me,

and she BASICALLY was like “I can tell that you have anxiety and you’re really good at hiding it/not letting it affect your work, but also I am worried about you, have this brochure on how to get free counseling through the company if you want.”

I cant tell if this made me feel better or worse or what, I’ve felt like crying ever since but I don’t know if its because I’m sad or embarrassed or glad that she cares or what.

fun new shoes

fun new shoes

Fuuuuuck god its getting so close to the 30th so fast and I’m having ZERO luck finding a place to live and my 11 - 7:30 Tuesday to Saturday work schedule is not helping things, and basically I am just scared shitless what am I going to do

somebody let me live in their basement please


drama and snake-friendship.

I was gonna make like a 2 page comic just for fun and then it ended up with 6 pages, woops

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