Sometimes I draw things. Most times I don't.

on a completely different note, I think my room is a spider hole.  Our house is full of cute, nearly-invisible little daddylonglegs spiders in every room, they’re okay.  I don’t mind them.  I have never seen another kind of spider in any room in our entire house,

EXCEPT mine, which is constantly turning up huge black nightmare creatures the size of golf balls. 

Why is is only ME, Jasmine doesn’t mind them like I do, why don’t a few of them go to her room??

Canadian Trans Girl: Amended Birth Certificate Is Just the Beginning


So so SO happy about this,

for those unaware, British Columbia has changed its laws to remove a requirement that transgender people undergo surgery before changing their gender on birth certificates. This 11 year old girl from Vancouver got her passport amended. So wonderful!!!!!!!!

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I had a dream about some ethereal dog I somehow acquired the other night. My subconscious is all about the anime sparkles over kissing dogs’ foreheads, it seems. 

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some cool and important art i made

some cool and important art i made